Whether you are a recent graduate looking for a new challenge, or considering a mid-career change, the decision to pursue a new job is monumental.

While job title and salary may be important, they don't guarantee happiness. You'll also want to consider your interests, values, personality and skills.

Below are some questions you should consider as you initiate your job search. Where you are in your career will no doubt affect how you answer these questions.
• What are my goals?
• What type of work do I really enjoy?
• How do my family and personal demands impact my career?
• Where am I going with my career and will this path allow me to grow and thrive?
• What criteria should I use to assess job opportunities?
• Will this job enrich my life or the life of someone important to me?
Once you've answered these questions, you should be in a much better position to find a job that fits both your skill-set and your personality.

To learn how you might fit in at ACM, check out the other areas of our Careers section.
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