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Webinar: CARES Act — What is the ACT About? Tax Implications and Paycheck Protection Program Loan Eligibility

Join ACM tax and consulting partners as we discuss the CARES Act. Learn how these tax changes can benefit both you and your company. We will also discuss eligibility requirements for a paycheck protection loan, amount eligible for forgiveness and how to navigate the loan application process. April 1, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. MT. Hosted via Zoom.

ACM Supports Client’s Technology Needs

Businesses are navigating the new normal of having employees move to a remote workforce.  While many businesses have implemented remote working protocols in the past, the forced nature of the current work from home poses challenges for many companies.  Learn how ACM can help.

Cannabis Business Planning: Preparing your Business for an Infusion of Investment Capital or Sales Transaction

On May 29, 2019, Governor Polis signed a bill that for the first time allows outside investors to more easily invest in Colorado’s historically “closed off” cannabis industry. Among several changes, Bill HB19-1090 now permits publicly traded companies to hold a Colorado marijuana license and it repeals regulations that cap the number of out-of-state owners/investors to 15 people. With this new legislation in place, many insiders in the industry are gearing up for a refreshed influx of capital into the […]

Leveraging KPIs and Benchmarking to Grow Your Business

Growing up, both my dad and grandpa were pilots, so I have no fear of flying. In the aviation world, there is a license level above the basic license called “IFR Rated” or Instrument Flight Rules. Basically, when you’re IFR  Rated you’re permitted to fly in conditions where all you are relying on is your instrument panel, or “dashboard.” The test to become IFR Rated involves flying with an obstructed windshield, which sounds absolutely terrifying! Running a business is not […]