Depreciation rule changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Every time a jobs/economy/relief act of 20-something (fill in the year) is passed, we get new depreciation rules. Scott Norquist, senior tax manager, discusses the major changes to the world of depreciation, many that benefit the real estate industry, as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Opportunity zones: Tax reform’s least-publicized incentive

Part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes new incentives for investments into economically distressed areas designated by states choosing to participate. However, almost no attention has been given toward incentives regarding opportunity zones. Scott Grimm, tax partner, provides some general guidelines on incentives for qualified opportunity zones.

Reasons why now may not be the time to convert to a C corp

While structuring as a C corporation is certainly the best choice for many businesses, a “pass thru” structure has long been considered a more tax-efficient option for most small, closely held companies.  But with the massive changes that came with passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, many small-business owners are wondering if C corporations deserve a second look. Mark Lumsden, tax partner, reviews the case for C corp restructuring.

A conclusion to tax uncertainty

Now that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has passed, Bryan Adams, tax partner, looks at its impact, specifically as it relates to the commercial real estate industry. For the real estate industry as a whole, it appears there were many benefits retained or added through the tax bill.